About Prigat International

Prigat  is the leading fruit beverage brand in Israel, with a history of almost 70 years. Through the years it has expanded its global presence and is currently seeking new markets through licensees operations under the Prigat brand. We believe that our invaluable know-how and expertise in the field, coupled with a strong local licensee, will invariably lead to mutual success.

The Group

Prigat International is a part of GAT FOODS which is a leading global processor of citrus based raw materials, a supplier of raw materials to the beverages industry and a bottler of various juice products. GAT FOODS is part of CBC Group - the largest 'Total Beverage' Company in Israel,  producing and distributing a wide range of beverage categories, including Carbonated Soft drinks, Water, Iced Tea, Milk, Beer and Wine. CBC's portfolio covers well-known domestic and international brands, such as Coca Cola, Muller, Ocean Spray, Carlsberg and others.